Can You Feel It?



That Burning Inside You

Something inside you is crying to get out. What is it? We see it all around. People dye their hair blue. They tatoo themselves and shove pieces of metal through their flesh. They call it self expression. It is more than that, isn’t it? There is a light within you that is burning. It is crying to be set free. It is locked up tight! Bound with chains of fear, pain and self loathing. Some call it your inner light. Some call it your inner power or self. Whatever you call it, it wants to be set free. But how?

Fall In Love with Yourself

Sounds weird doesn’t it? Isn’t that contrary to everything we have ever been taught? All your life someone has told you that you are not that special. Who do you think you are? You need to find your place and stay in it! Put others ahead of yourself. But how can you be anything in this world until you love yourself? That yearning inside you, is your authentic self. It wants to be loved cherished, accepted and celebrated. Once you have done that, once you have given that to yourself, then and only then can your inner light shine.  Nobody in this world can do this for you. There will be special people in your life that will love you,  but their love is not enough to feed the hunger that is inside. It has to be you! When you are able to love yourself, you will experience a sense of empowerment that will go way beyond self confidence. It will be an inner power that guides you. People will see you as different. You will be full of hope and positivity. Your faith and determination will be unstoppable.

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself over and over again. Whatever perceived shortcomings and mistakes that you have made in the past and in the preset must be forgiven. You are not perfect and you will never be.  See yourself for who you are. You are a wonderfully imperfect person, living with imperfect people, in an imperfect world. It’s okay.  Give yourself a break.

Share Yourself

Once you have learned to love and forgive yourself, then you must share yourself. Share your thoughts, gifts, and love with others. Let people see who you are. You have to be okay with it. Don’t hide it within. Let it flow. Love others for who they are and where they are in their personal journey. In doing so you will find the soul satisfying fulfillment you have been craving. You will not need to dye your hair blue. You will not need to shove metal objects through your face. You will be living your own inner love out loud and proud .

My Personal Belief

I am a Christian. Unfortunately that identifying word has been used all too often by bitter, judgemental, hateful, unloving, inflexible, broken and imperfect people. They are just people. No better than anyone else. They have forgotten to love themselves and others.They have failed to except that God is love and sent Christ Jesus to shed his blood to pay for the sins of all humanity not just those who call themselves Christians. They have failed God who commanded them to love others as Christ loved them. Forgive them because they do not represent  God when they act that way.The truth is that God does love you. If you accept his love and forgiveness in your life, you can forgive yourself. If God the ultimate power in the universe can love you, then you can love yourself. It doesn’t  matter what has happened to you or what you have done in your past life. That is my belief and that is why I am a Christian. I wish you love, success and fulfillment. God Bless!

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About the author: I spent most of my career as a Financial Services Representative. I spoke to people all over the United States about investments and personal risk management. I educated, informed and really took a very consultative approach to my business. I ,however, became very burned out to the point where I physically felt ill every time I went to work. I was depressed and had aged dramatically from the level of stress that I experienced on a day to day basis. I finally had it. My health was really being affected . My blood pressure was to the point that I was taking three medications to keep it under control. I felt hopeless and trapped. I realized that the corporate deck was stacked against me and always would be. I looked for a way to change my life. I started investigating internet marketing. That is when I found a new passion. I started going through every affiliate marketing training I could get my hands on. That is when I realized that I had what it takes to be successful. I have really enjoyed the day to day opportunity to earn an executive income without the executive stress. I have lost weight. My blood pressure is down. I don’t have to worry about making it to work on time. I am my own boss. Funny thing is, I work all day and I don’t even feel tired! If you want to connect with me directly then friend me on Facebook at or visit my page

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