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Chances are you are here because you are looking for an IcoinPro Review.

Icoinpro as well as cryptocurrency in general has been all the rage recently, so I got curious and decided to do some digging about the company.

I’m assuming you’re here because you may have been approached by someone ,in some form or fashion, concerning this company and that is why you are at this blog, to find out how legitimate it really is.

If so, you will not be disappointed. I am going to discuss the company in a step by step manner and walk you through its products and compensation plan so you can fully understand and can effectively make the right decision.

Is the company scam or legitimate? Find out!

Icoinpro Review – The Company

Iconpro is the innovation of CEO and founder Paul De Sousa. The company is known in the cryptocurrency multilevel marketing niche as well as the crytopcurrency education niche. The company is run and operated from the state of Texas.

Of all the cryptocurrency network marketing companies, IcoinPro is probably the first that has a real corporate structure with an actual CEO. Which, in and of itself, is an indication of legitimacy. Reviewers have been making positive comments about the CEO’s leadership in the network marketing industry.

They also acknowledge his years of experience and understanding of crytocurrencies in all their different capacities. They also applaud his enthusiasm for the company and the industry in general. What better leader would anyone need?

A year ago, the same Paul de Sousa was promoting a different company known as Gain Bitcoin. Apparently, he decided that walking away from that company and starting his own would be a much better option. And it looks like it was.

Moving on from the origin and leadership of the company, let us now look at the products it offers.

IcoinPro Review – The Products


Most people when they think of cryptocurrencies they think of Bitcoin. In fact there are a lot of people that are asking the simple question “what is bitcoin about“and “how do I invest in Bitcoin”. That is the brilliance of IcoinPro because they answer those questions.

The product of IcoinPro is cryptocurrency investment education and training. And by that I mean they teach people how to invest, trade and profit from all the cryptocurrencies not just Bitcoin. They have one of the most complete and up-to-date bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment and trading training on the market.

That makes this company very unique because they are poised to take advantage of the huge upswing in interest that bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies are provoking. People that would have never before even considered investing in bitcoin are starting to wonder if they should have a certain portion of their portfolio invested in bitcoin. Especially given the anti inflationary aspect of Bitcoin.

The great part of this is that they are offering a product that is new that no one else is offerring in any mlm business or for that matter any crytocurrency business.

There are lots of phony companies that are into cryptocurrencies that only sell people on the idea that they are providing big ROI’s, without any real trading proof or training.

The IcoinPro training costs is only $39.95 monthly. However, you can join for free without obligation and check it out for yourself.  I have seen other non mlm companies like Bitcoin Mentor Club charge thousands for a lot less…

IcoinPro Review- Compensation Plan

For those that choose to promote the company as affiliates, the company has a compensation plan that pays them when they sell their $39.95 per month membership to sponsored members and retailers.

But to qualify for the commission, the affiliate has to generate a minimum of 40PV monthly.
This can be gotten if the affiliate makes a purchase himself or they make a retail sale.

Icoinpro Afilliate ranks

There are six possible ranks that one can hit in the IcoinPro compensation plan. There include;
Unranked affiliate- Here you sign up to become an IcoinPro affiliate to be qualified to earn a commission. The ranks are as follows:

  • 1 star- If the affiliate sells up to three $39.95 monthly membership to personally recruited affiliates or retail customers,
  • 2 Star- The affiliate maintains a minimum of twenty $39.95 monthly memberships all through his downline.
  • 3 star- Affiliates in this rank maintain a minimum of a hundred 39.95 monthly memberships all through their downline.
  • Star Elite- Affiliates in this rank maintain a minimum of 5 hundred 39.95 monthly memberships all through his downline.
  • Star Presidential- Affiliates in this rank maintain a minimum of 5 thousand 39.95 monthly memberships all through his downline.

Powerline commissions

When customers or IcoinPro affiliates join, they are put set in a straight line queue. The queue is filled in position by position in the order of who joins it first.

One can earn up to five powerline positions below him. He can earn up to 3% commission for every $39.95 monthly membership he sells in the five powerline positions.

Fast Start Bonus 

An affiliate earns a fast start bonus when he sells a $39.95 monthly membership to other affiliates as well as to retail customers.
The bonus payment is spread out in five levels in a unilevel compensation plans structure format and depends of course, on your rank.
Affiliates that have no ranks (unranked affiliates) earn $10 in level 1 (These are personally sponsored members)
For a 1 star affiliates, they earn $15 in level 1 and $5 on the 2nd level
For a 2 star affiliates, they earn $20 in the !st level, $5 on the 2nd level and 3 on the third level 3
For a star 3 affiliates, they earn $25 dollars in the first level, $5 on the 2nd level, $3 on the third level, $2 on the fourth level, and $1 on the fifth level.

Residual commission payout

Residuals of icoinPro are paid using a 2 x 14 matrix compensation plan format.
The residual positions are occupied by retail customers and affiliates that have purchased the $39.95 monthly membership and also follow the powerline commission structure as shown above.
In the matrix compensation plan, icoinPro pays commissions as a percentage of the $39.95 monthly membership fee in the following format;
1 star and unranked affiliates earn 2% on levels 1 to 4 and 2.5% in levels 5 to 10
2 star affiliates earn 2% in levels 1to 4 and 2.5% in levels 5 to 12
3 star affiliates earn 2.5% on levels 1 to 14

Matching bonus

An affiliate can earn a matching bonus on the matrix commission downline. This bonus is paid using a unilevel compensation plan format.
This is what it looks like;
For you;
Level 1 is for personally enrolled members
Level 2 is for level one’s personally enrolled members
The unilevel matching bonus of icoinPro is capped in 6 levels and the amount of levels one gets paid for depends on his rank as shown below;
Unranked affiliates get a 10% match on the first level
1 star affiliates get a 20% match on the 2nd level
2 star affiliates get a 30% match on the first level and 10% match on the second level
3 star affiliates get a 40% match on the first level, a 10% on the second level and third level and a 5% match on the fourth level
Star elite affiliates get a 50% match on the first level, a 10% match on the second and third level, 5% match on the fourth level and a 3% match on the fifth level
Affiliates of the presidential star rank get a 60% match on the first level, a 10% match on the second and third levels, a 5% match on the fourth level 4, a 3% match on the fifth level and a 2% match on sixth level.
Cost to join icoinPro
To join icoinPro, it would cost one a fee of $39.95 every month and to qualify for a commission, you would have to either make a sale or purchase it for yourself.

IcoinPro Review- Final Verdict on

There are tons of anti-MLM companies and individuals that call every MLM company a scam.
After quality and genuine research, I uncovered that IcoinPro is not a scam. It is the first  cryptocurrency MLM with a real product. They have excellent bonus packages for their members and great training. Alot of their members are making real money just from trading cryptocurrencies so clearly the product works. They have weekly live training classes on how to trade crytocurrencies, not on how to sell IcoinPro. You can check out their training and see if you like them. I have researched a lot of MLM companies out there and trust me, it doesn’t get as good as what IcoinPro offers.
Hope you enjoyed this review, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. If you would like learn the answer to the question “what is bitcoin about” then check out IcoinPro free for yourself by clicking on this image below.

My Number One Online Business Recommendation

While IcoinPro is not a scam and has some great bones. There is one business that I like better. It’s 100% digital so you can do this business anywhere in the world. The commissions are outstanding so you can make a 6 figure income almost without trying. They pay for a leased car so you get a free car. But the part I like the best is that it is a fully automated sales system. If you would like to hear more about this company and their system click on the image below….

About the author: I spent most of my career as a Financial Services Representative. I spoke to people all over the United States about investments and personal risk management. I educated, informed and really took a very consultative approach to my business. I ,however, became very burned out to the point where I physically felt ill every time I went to work. I was depressed and had aged dramatically from the level of stress that I experienced on a day to day basis. I finally had it. My health was really being affected . My blood pressure was to the point that I was taking three medications to keep it under control. I felt hopeless and trapped. I realized that the corporate deck was stacked against me and always would be. I looked for a way to change my life. I started investigating internet marketing. That is when I found a new passion. I started going through every affiliate marketing training I could get my hands on. That is when I realized that I had what it takes to be successful. I have really enjoyed the day to day opportunity to earn an executive income without the executive stress. I have lost weight. My blood pressure is down. I don’t have to worry about making it to work on time. I am my own boss. Funny thing is, I work all day and I don’t even feel tired! If you want to connect with me directly then friend me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/michael.smith2192 or visit my page https://www.facebook.com/howtogethelpearningmassivepassiveincome/

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