Multipure Review- Tide of Profit or A Big Washout

MLM Review

Today we have the company Multipure to review. The name is coming up often and I decided to take a look into the products, compensation plans and the company itself.

So here it is!

Multipure Review — The Company


Multipure was established by the two brothers Allen and Alvin Rice back in 1970. It was in 2015 that Allen passed away leaving Alvin to run it.

The company has been in operation more than 40 years and achieved considerable growth and success. The MLM company was the product of the two brother’s hard work and dedication.

Currently, Zachary Rice heads as the president of the company while his wife Jennifer holds the post of Executive Vice-President.

Multipure Reviews — The Products

A wide range of Multipure products are available since the inception of the company with the trademark product which came with a robust carbon block filter.


The products are dedicated to providing clean and healthy drinking water to households and businesses. All products are water filtration solutions with differing functions and features. Here’s a few of them:

Aquasource- Complete water solution for households retailing at $1700

Aquaversa- Affordable commercial and home comprehensive water filtration system at $385

AquaRO- With reverse osmosis and carbon block filtration engineering priced at $605

Wriggle- a handy filter water bottle only for $50

Aquasplash- for chlorine free bath retailing at $45

There are many more innovative products of different price ranges. The accessories and replacement filters can also be bought and sold for profit.

Multipure’s biggest competition is a company called Enagic, they also have a full line of similar products and they also have some presence on Google search. But most of the sales are performed offline.

Multipure Compensation Plan


Multipure compensation plan regulates the commissions for affiliate retails sales. You also get residual incentives and performance based bonuses through a unilevel compensation plan.

Multipure Ranks

You can get promoted six ranks in the Multipure business model. The details about them are given below:

Monthly Bonus Qualification

You can be rewarded with additional bonuses depending on the following factors:

Retail Commissions

As with every MLM company they page commissions on retail sales.The exact amount of commission for a single retail sale, however, could not be found on their website. But each sale will return to you some affiliate commission. Nobody would sell product if they didn’t offer that as part of their commission structure.

Residual Commissions

Residual compensations are paid according to 9 levels:

Level 1: Starts with the first Affiliate

Level 2: the affiliate recruited under level 1

It keeps going this way till level 9 in the following way:

Activity Bonus

Reaching the level of Executive Builder or higher and satisfying the required Monthly Bonus Qualification rewards you with residual bonuses:

Rank Achievement Bonus

A one time bonus is given to Executive Builders or higher level affiliates:

Cost to Join Multipure

Your kit selection decides the joining cost:

Aquadome Starter Kit: $440

Aquaversa Starter Kit: $655

Aquaperform Starter Kit: $770

Ultimate Business Builder Kit: $1850

The more expensive kits have more products in them.

Verdict On Multipure

Multipure has been operating since 1970 and their products still have demand, especially at a time in history where we have issues of polluted water causing health problems. This issue is never going to go away. As our planet becomes more and more inhabited, resources like clean water are going to become more and more scare.

Happily, we have the ability to utilize filtering technologies like the products that Multipure offers to stretch those resources.

You will need to work hard building a network and achieving sales because that is what it takes in MLM companies like this.

You have to be a people person that is willing to share  your concerns about our depleting resources and how Multipure can help. If that is not your passion, then I would suggest that you find a another company and product that you do have a passion for.

Multipure is a genuine company with an honest compensation plan, so if you have a passion for water purification and conservation then I would say go for it.

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