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If you found this page chances are you are looking for a Mindset 24 Global Review.

After recently hearing some juicy buzz about Mindset 24 Global, I decided to take a look at what this company was all about.

Maybe you have already heard something about Mindset 24 Global from a friend or on Facebook, and you are also interested in learning more about this apparently golden opportunity.

You are probably wondering what opportunities this company offers and whether Mindset 24 Global is a legitimate and trustworthy enterprise.

Well luckily for you, you have come to the right place. I am here to help. This blog will cover any questions about Mindset 24 Global that you might have.

As I take you through the Mindset 24 Global review we will talk about the company, its products and its compensation plan, you will be able to decide for yourself whether presents an opportunity for you to make some serious money.

Mindset 24 Global Review: The Company

Mindset 24 Global is run by its CEO and co-founder, Brian McLane. It is an MLM company focused on the personal development market.

According to the company website, Mindset 24 Global operates out of Kentucky in the United States of America.

Brian McLane was also the co-founder of Bellamora International, where he was the Chief Marketing Officer in 2010.

Bellamora was able to register more than 50,000 affiliates during the company’s pre-launch. Unfortunately Bellamora’s operations broke down in 2011 after departures of certain key executives from the company.

McLane decided to part ways with the company at this time, and then went on to endorse the “$1,000 a Week for Life” offer alongside Kevin Harrington. This offer was a matrix-position sponsorship opportunity for $50 a month.

While it was advertised as its own offer, its was actually a division in David Rosen’s Money Tree International, where Kevin Harrington was the marketing partner.

McLane then went on to create a new MLM business known as Safe ID Trust in 2015, which offered identity recovery and restoration services.


Mindset 24 Global Review: The Products

According to my research, Mindset 24 Global offers no products or services. Instead it offers you the opportunity to sign up as an affiliate for marketing membership. Once signed up, an affiliate can order one of the following training packages:

•Series 1: $100
•Series 2: $400
•Series 3: $1,000
•Series 4: $2,000

Each package contains all the materials from the previous package in addition to exclusive bonuses that the previous series does not contain.

The company website does not outline the exact content of each training package. It does, however, state that Mindset 24 Global offers life-changing training insights from world-class marketing partners.

Can you imagine having access to coaching from a real-life Shark? Kevin Harrington starred on the hit television show Shark Tank.

Shark Tank is a marketing partner that has compiled the best interviews, e-books and videos for helping trainees to become successful marketing affiliates.

You also receive exclusive access to programs developed by the Master NLP trainer and world-famous author, Jay Sargeant.

Mr. Sargeant also known as Coach Jay, offers powerful and proven communication and persuasion strategies and techniques.

The bottom line is that Mindset 24 Global has the potential to be life-changing. It provides information from world-class experts that enhances the quality of people’s lives by providing them with right MINDSET. You cannot find this information anywhere else!

These brand new and exclusive programs teach the powerful NLP Expert Model, rapport-building strategies, master level re-framing and the techniques for creating profound states of mind.

Mindset 24 Global Review : Compensation Plan

Mindset 24 Global Review: The Verdict

So what are your thoughts? Do you think Mindset 24 Global actually exists or is it just some sort of scam?

From my own research I have concluded that Mindset 24 Global is clearly not a scam. Kevin Harrington has made 100s of millions of dollars in sales over his long and respected career.

It just doesn’t make sense for him to throw his reputation away like that over a few dollars when he has already made millions in other previous ventures.

I hope you found this Mindset 24 Global review helpful and informative. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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