TresMore Review- Big Scam or a Dream Come True

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Looking to try out TresMore – the name that you’re hearing all around on social media? You might be looking for a TresMore Review to make sure your not jumping in blindly

TresMore LLC, an MLM company, promises to offer cash back to its members on transactions made by them.

By offering as much as 20% discounts, TresMore claims that the returns that it promises are through studying consumer behavior.

In this article, we review TresMore and understand how it works – and talk about how reliable it is.

Tresmore Review – Office and Management of TresMore

The TresMore website shows the headquarters of the company to be in Georgia, U.S.A.

However, the company seems to belong to a larger corporation by the name of Thanks Matrix, because the company it lists the same address as its global headquarters.

In addition to this, a Korean address for this corporation is also found on this website, listed as its business headquarters.

Also, it seems that Thanks Matrix had previously tried to launch an MLM site of its own – via Go7Shop.

While Go7Shop does offer a compensatory cashback plan of its own and has its mechanism run on an e-commerce platform, the traffic numbers of its page indicate that this MLM project of Thanks Matrix never did take off.

TresMore Review: About the Company

TresMore does offer details of all its employees and management, including Joseph Lee and Peter Sohn, the CEO and President and co-CEO.

However, you don’t have more information available for the founders, including in the site or anywhere else online. It seems that Lee and Sohn are unheard of.

A third member, named Michael Krause is also mentioned as being ambiguously associated with TMWellbeing, which seems to be some other business attached to Thanks Matrix itself.

TresMore Review – Products and Services

TresMore by itself does not have any retail products to offer. It also does not provide any specialized services to its members or affiliates.

What it does claim to offer is an opportunity to save money, or get cash back via utilizing the services of a mobile app. Affiliates who become members of TresMore are provided with access to this mobile application.

Once this is done, the affiliates have an option to offer a maximum of 10 stores that they frequently use. These stores should not include utility bills.

All that is left to do is that at the end of the month, the affiliates are required to upload images of the receipts and details of a credit/ debit card via the app.

TresMore then makes the affiliates wait for a month-long validation period and then clears a cashback up to 20% of the total spending projected by the affiliated user.

A caveat that this review would like to convey loud and clear is that this 20% is not a flat rate. Moreover, the maximum that TresMore is ever going to pay (so they say on their website) is up to $ 260 a month and an annual amount of $3120.

TresMore Review- Compensation Plan

TresMore Review-Final Takeaway

TresMore seems to convey that the returns and cash backs that it promises are from the proceeds that it makes from the study and use of information about consumer habits.

However, it is difficult to believe that consumer information would yield returns high enough to come up to the ROIs that TresMore is projecting.

In fact, we believe that TresMore is relying only on the monthly subscription fee that it levies to make the ROIs and when affiliates will decrease, so will the ROI.

And when the recruitment starts to slow things down, affiliates will start to leave – and you won’t be getting anything in return.

Of course, if the owners can prove me wrong, I would be happy to change the verdict.

For now, TresMore does not strike as a trustworthy MLM cashback site. We advise extreme caution.

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