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Chances are you landed on this page because you were looking for a Bitcoin Mentor Club review. Maybe you heard a friend talking about it or maybe you received an email about it. For whatever reason you wanted to get a third party opinion about it before you jumped into the deep end of the pool. In this review we are going to look at the company and the product to determine if this one is worth investing your hard earned money in.

Have you ever wondered what Bitcoin was about? Millions of people are hearing more and more about bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. There have been a ton of people that are trying to cash in on the bitcoin craze. As much information that is available on the subject there is just as much misinformation. In fact there have been a lot of scams that have come out of the wood work that are taking advantage of people’s over all ignorance on the subject. That is why I am taking the time to review this product.

Bitcoin Mentor Club Review- The Business

First of all this product is not an MLM business. It is an affiliate product that the company Infinitus Research is promoting through direct affiliate marketing. They are not in the business of taking people’s money and investing it like some crypto-currency programs I have seen. They are in the business of training people how to actually successfully trade crypto-currencies using a trading program that they pioneered.

Let’s take a look at the founder of this program. His name is Cecil Robles. On the Bitcoin Mentor Club website he identifies himself as the Chief Investment Strategist at Infinitus Research. However, after doing a web search using his name it brought up one of his personal profile’s at LinkedIn where he identifies himself as a Digital Marketing Expert.

It goes on to say how he made 10 million dollars in creating mortgage leads. Additionally he had two additional LinkedIn profiles one of which he identifies himself as the “head honcho of the best Forex education portal available online”. On his third LinkedIn profile, he identifies himself as the president of Ethos Inc. who’s business is to “provide high level education to Commodity Futures market and Forex market investors” So apparently, Mr. Robles has a lot of experience doing a lot of different things in different businesses.

I did find some more information about his activity in the Forex market. In fact he had another product that he launched called Forex A.I.R. which was a Forex trading bot that was supposed to let you know when to buy and sell certain foreign currencies. I found posts from many people complaining that the bot was a scam for which they spent a grand total of 3k. Ouch not good.

Also, Mr. Robles identifies two other players without a picture and there names are Matthew L. Chief ICO Adviser and Konstantin K. Chief Technology Adviser. That is as far as he directly identifies them. He does go on to tell what their function is at Infinitus Research but does not reveal any information that you could use to verify their background or identity. Why won’t they put their name on this product?

As far as Infinitus itself, I found a one page website that really did not have a lot of information regarding where the company was located or really anything. Outside of the sales page and members area that was created on clickfunnels I really don’t have any other information.

Bitcoin Mentor Club Review-The Product

Now he has this program that teaches people how to trade crypto-currencies using a “stand-alone algorithmic crypto trading software”and boasts that his current system has netted him a 10,000% return. That is great! That kind of sounds familiar though. Didn’t he release a similar product for the Forex trading exchange? Same product different exchange. But this one is different because”Bitcoin Mentor Club is our flagship CryptoCurrency newsletter, education portal, software, and crypto enthusiast community.”

So what is the cost to get this ground breaking system that will make you tons of money? Well it is only $1997.00 with an additional upsale of $497.

Bitcoin Mentor Club Review -Final Verdict

I am not going to say this is a scam. But there are some glaring red flags that seem to pop out at me. First of all having a financial service background makes me suspicious of anyone selling a bot that is going to make me money.

If this bot was making a 10,000% return on a consistent basis then he wouldn’t need to be selling it for 2k. Also, he would be selling it for a lot more than 2k.

The other thing that bothers me is that he took the same formula that he used to sell the Forex A.I.R and is using it in the cryptocurrency markets. It just smacks of a snake oil salesman.

Good investing is based on acquired knowledge. Knowledge of the fundamentals of the market itself and also knowledge of the fundamentals of the particular investment. That in combination with some good technical analysis generally yields positive investment results.

My feeling is that Mr. Robles and his team do not represent that fount of knowledge. Even Mr. Robles doesn’t seem to know what his focus is other than trying to sell products for money. In fact I would say that his first LinkedIn profile was correct. He is a marketer not an investment expert.

So save your money, keep it in the bank.

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About the author: I spent most of my career as a Financial Services Representative. I spoke to people all over the United States about investments and personal risk management. I educated, informed and really took a very consultative approach to my business. I ,however, became very burned out to the point where I physically felt ill every time I went to work. I was depressed and had aged dramatically from the level of stress that I experienced on a day to day basis. I finally had it. My health was really being affected . My blood pressure was to the point that I was taking three medications to keep it under control. I felt hopeless and trapped. I realized that the corporate deck was stacked against me and always would be. I looked for a way to change my life. I started investigating internet marketing. That is when I found a new passion. I started going through every affiliate marketing training I could get my hands on. That is when I realized that I had what it takes to be successful. I have really enjoyed the day to day opportunity to earn an executive income without the executive stress. I have lost weight. My blood pressure is down. I don’t have to worry about making it to work on time. I am my own boss. Funny thing is, I work all day and I don’t even feel tired! If you want to connect with me directly then friend me on Facebook at or visit my page

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